My Humble Pastor


This post is a bold statement on how lately I have become a church lover. It is because the church that my boyfriend and I usually go to is a very simple church with a personal touch from its Pastor.

International English Service (IES) South has a very humble Pastor, his name is Bernard Persichetti. I’ve never felt being preached out by his sermon. He always delivers the sermon in a casual way and with simple examples from our daily lives. He describes the problems, fears, or worries in a very personal way. It makes me believe that everybody has the same problem with me. He also builds confidence to face all that fears with great blessing from God.

One thing that I also like from his sermon is he always touches your need for human bond. I even got struck a few weeks ago, when he said that Christianity is about relationship between human with the Creator, instead of about a religion.

He moved my heart with those words. Me, the agnostic fellow got teary eyes with those beautiful words. He also often says that we as a human should share love because the Creator has given the perfect example about how beautiful it is, God is love. So why do we feel it’s so hard to share the same energy, the same love that we have from the Creator to our surroundings.

Sharing love to people is equal with creating a strong human bond. Love is the essence of life; you’ll find a lot of happiness, laugh, and tears because of it. Love also makes you realize that what you’re enjoying every minutes is a gift, so be humble while embracing it. This will enable us to create a relationship with every single person we meet.

After that what will happen? We will have beautiful connections that have everything to do with learning to love others, to respect them as human, and more than that to release us from fear.

Everyday I become surer that being happy is the logical thing to do. I will fulfill my every second by enjoying my every breath. To have a relationship with God and your surroundings is about to be greatful, definitely it’s not about asking which religious rituals will make you enjoy life more.

I hope I don’t sound like preaching you all. I’m just expressing what I feel, maklum eike ekspresif cyinnn… 😀



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  1. Halo, salam kenal. Sore tadi saya sedang jalan-jalan ke om gugel untuk mencari tulisan tentang keperawanan.. dan entah bagaimana saya sampai di tulisan kamu tentang virginitas itu. Tulisan yang menarik. Saya suka gaya penulisan kamu. Maka saya follow blog ini dan tau-tau saya tiba di postingan ini dan yah saya lebih yakin lagi kalau kedatangan saya ke blog ini bukan suatu kebetulan.

    Saya suka: “Christianity is about relationship between human with the Creator, instead of about a religion”. Bener banget menurut saya 🙂

    So, sekali lagi, salam kenal ya!

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