Freudian Style


Do you still remember my story about the Cranberries concert? How euphoric I am to come to the concert, not only because I was going to see one of my favorite alternative rock bands but also it was my first time watching Java Rockin Land. To celebrate that special moment, I bought merchandise from the concert. Wise man said, buying a merchandise in a concert will bring a good long relationship between you and your favorite band/artist hihiiihih… I made it up 😀

So I bought a t-shirt. But don’t imagine that I  chose the one emblazoned with Java Rockin Land logo. No, I’m not that cheesy. I chose a t-shirt with a simple quote from Sigmund Freud.  Yes Sigmund Freud, the master of the unconscious mind.  Well I was unconscious that night, totally hypnotized by the Cranberries 😀

I didn't wear my cat earing but it look the same

So what did Freud say on that t-shirt? He said, “Civilization began the first time an angry person cast a word instead of a ‘rock’ ”, with a silhouette of an ape at the left corner of the t-shirt.

But actually the t-shirt is too big for me and the neck is so tight. My first time wearing it, I felt like a boy. Short hair, short pants jeans, and a pair of masculine boots did make me look like the boy next door.

The second time, I wore it to the office with my one piece cat earing, it made me feel/look more like a boy. Suddenly I wasn’t comfortable wearing it. I don’t know where the idea came from, but I just need to make my “own-style” t-shirt. Guess what I’ve done?

I cut a little part of the neck and the sleeves. It was totally an impulsive action. That was my first extreme decision to create do-it-yourself (d.i.y) style. I never made a design for my cloth nor sewed a cloth; I used to ask my tailor to translate my idea of a dress and she would sew it perfectly. Well, in most cases she was the one who gave me the idea, I just picked the color 😀

So the D.I.Y project was totally a giant leap for me. Moreover, I didn’t bring another cloth that time. If I cut it wrong, there would be no better word than SH*T. But I had to make a decision; have the-boy-next-door look or the overexposed look a.k.a failed D.I.Y style.

I preferred to make the first D.I.Y project perfectly done. I checked youtube for  any tips about how to make over an ordinary t-shirt into sexy t-shirt. But sh*t, my office’s internet connection couldn’t do more than making me more nervous. So I decided to face the battle with no preparation.
With my heart pumping so fast, like riding Tornado in Dufan, I grabbed my colleague’s scissors and cut the t-shirt. The neck vanished and voila…I CUT IT TOO MUCH!!! Shit…I made my t-shirt very low-necked which showed much of my cleavage. I had to stop panicking and find a new idea to solve the problem.

It is said that the more dangerous the situation you face, the more diligent your brain giving you a way out. Suddenly my hand took the edge of the neck and cut it into two. After that, I tied it up and it looked like a cute ribbon. More importantly, this trick lifted up the neck so I was not look to sexy.

After doing it all, I saw myself in the mirror and felt satisfied. The boy next door now had a new look, a sexy chick in freudian style. The experience makes me more confident to cut a lot of tight neck t-shirt 😀

Sometimes you only need a t-shirt and a scissor to give yourself a little surprise. Trust me, I already tried it and I feel happily surprised. So do you have a gut to do the same thing? Let’s surprise our self today 😀


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