Fire Works + House MD = Addictive


There are two things that steal my awareness. Fire works and House MD. Its two different things. Because the first one is a game that my boyfriend has in his laptop. And the second one, is television serial about ecentric doctor.

Every time I come to my boyfriend’s place, the first thing gonna reach my hand was his laptop. I’ll stand for hour playing that oriental game. In this game you have to connect the fire to the rocket. The thing that will angered you is, the fuse. You have to arrange it so your fire works will burn up faster.

I’ve got stress out when hearing the cock-crow. Its mean your time is running out. So you have to fasten your “seat belt” if not the dragon will say, “TIME IS OUT”. Until now, I only could reach level 10. In other side, my boyfriend already reach level 15. Of course he can do that, because he has it. So he can practice whenever he want it (denial mode on) 🙂

And the interesting from House MD television serial, is the other side of meds movie. If you often saw, ER or Operation room as the important scene in the movie. Well is not the same with House MD. The movie is about how a doctor analysis the symptom by discussing it with his team. In this movie you will learn that, sometimes doctor are wrong. That is why they need to observe more from the symptom to cure the illness. And of course the time to observe was limited, by the worst condition, death.

Not just that, you will see how House (Hugh Laurie)can be so arrogant with his internship. But exactly he did that with strong reason to teach them plus saving their patient. Now, every night, before I go to sleep, I have to watch it first.

My addiction level has reach up. Because after playing fire works, my mind can’t stop imagining rotate the fuse. The same feeling after watching House MD. I’ll imagining what the rare case they have it and guessing how the talented House handle it. And my boyfriend start complaining, because I always put my eyes on his laptop and don’t care with every single step he made 🙂

I don’t know how long I’ll stay in this condition. I guess I just like it so much and is not dangerous anyway. I just have to wait reach the overwhelming memory. This the stage where you got bored for what exciting before. And your brain asking for the new addiction 🙂


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