Virginity, is it a woman dignity?


Yesteday I watched The Messenger Joan of Arc movie yesterday. Is a great movie. Is about the rivalry between England and France. Until I saw the virginity test that Joan have to deal with. Because the king’s advisor do not believe that Joan is the one they waiting for as a God’s messenger.

Ok back to the virginity scene. I couldn’t stand to watch it, because is so cruel. With help from a nun, Joan was ask to stand and open her legs. So that the nun could see clearly if there any corruption from the hymen. That thin red membrane always be the answer for the society. And one thing that really scare me a lot is when the bishop pray before nun put her finger into Joan’s vagina. It’s simbolized that religion always be tools for man (read: human being) to justified women existance in universe.

Women never has privildge to speak in the name of thereself. Because women body is belong to everybody, specially when you talk in the name of holiness. And if you see from the other perspective, you will find that this holiness from virginity really bitingly funy.

Everywomen who still has their virginity perfect enough to sacrifice to completely remove all sins. And in other side, if your hymen membrane is torn a part than you can’t do noble thing. Because is man role to control the world. As the great Simone de Beauvoir said, women is the second sex in the universe.

So God, why you give this “special” membrane to women? Why from the prophet era untill now we called it as millenium era, women’s dignified related to how important your society keep the record of virginity points. And I hate this idea to death!!!


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