The Luxurius Woman’s Egg


I was shock when reading that woman’s egg more expensive than man’s sperm. The magazine wrote that, nowadays donating egg become trend in United State. No wonder because super egg can command US$ 50 thousand. How to define super egg? Well your egg have to be check under microscope as an eye for embryologist. Than they will check whether your family has history of genetically related diseases.

The super egg more expensive than sperm, because is not easy to take it. The procedure make the donor have to take medications plus daily hormone injections for several weeks. The medications was meant to stop the menstruation and with the hormone injection, it will stimulate the ovaries to produce more than one egg. If this success you can start calculate the price.

But still, the embryologist will called as risky procedure. Because the drugs and hormone injection will make your weight gain. Not just that, your mood will up and down. So sometime you feel like want to kill someone because a simple mistake and in other time you weep down like a baby crying for mercy. Not just that, there is a risk called ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome that cause complications blood clots and kidney failure.

How exactly they got the egg ? Well you have to face a surgical procedure. With a thin needle inserted through your vagina, it will cross to the ovary and retrieve the eggs from the follicles. It goes another risk, like adverse responses to anesthesia, infection or bleeding.

To be honest, when I’m reading this surgical procedure, specially the thin needle thing, I feel twinge in my vagina. Is it worth it ? I mean with all the risk and pain? Well for some of student in United Stated is worth it. The money they offering is enough to pay student loan. That is why according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, quoting from The New York Times, 5.767 babies were born in 2003 from donor eggs. They even assuming that the number probably much higher because the success rate is low!!

To react from this situation, woman’s health advocates said that paying enormous money for risk procedure is not make any sense. That is why lawmakers in Maryland preparing to ban this “baby business”. They will make proponents compensation, reference to The American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the appropriate price is US$ 5.000.

And now, I’m imagining ten years from now what would be the face of bio fertility? Maybe someday, I will make announcement in the biggest newspaper looking for fresh young lady who want to donate their eggs. Gosh science always make fun the reality. In one hand they diagnose person with polycystic ovarian syndrome (which is me), who is hard to extracting the egg from follicle. This person, produce a lot of egg but none one of them can get out from the follicle so there is no change to meet the qualify sperm. As you know there are thousand even million sperm running in Fallopian tube but only one survive to fertilize the egg.

In other hand they make young girl to donate their egg with tremendous risk. In the name of helping each other, technology always simplify reality. I mean, is it fair if I’m finally get pregnant and have a baby by jeopardizing others ? Why happiness always related to how much money you spend to this crazy lunatic world.

Before I know I have this polycystic ovarian syndrome, I want to be surrogate mother. The naif idea was, better to torn your hymen by giving birth for a baby…which is impossible that is why now I said, naif idea. I was influence by Phoebe in Friends serial. And I remember that time Ricky, the first man who heard my idea, said is my selfish thought. By doing that surrogate role, I will got extra name. The helping saint mother….And of course that time I don’t agree with him. Is not selfish, I’m helping other by torn my hymen in the name of choice. Because in Indonesia is important to keep virgin until your marriage. And to be contrary with, I choose surrogate mother. Cause a baby birth more noble than a penis. Is my way to fight with the society shallow mind.

Well just see how our people will react with this technology? Do the technology success to make fun in Indonesian perspective…


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