Indicate your religion trough cellular phone


When I was in German, my friends Lauben Muhumuza from Uganda, ask what is the most important thing in my country? “Religion. Nothing more important than that,” I answered. “Why,” the best talk show man in Uganda asking me again. “Well, we very proud to be called as religious country. That is why, the state obliged their people to have one religion.”

Maybe Lauben will shock if he know that during this Ramadhan, one of the biggest CDMA provider launch their Ramadhan cellular phone series. They called it, Hidayah cellular phone. Hidayah mean enlightenment. They provide Al Qur’an in it and the phone even got certification from Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI). So the phone got the brand from those validation.

They design it with green casing. Green is perfect color to describe religious items. Add some religious song as a ring tone, will attract lot of people to buy it. And even the advertising describe how a mobster atone for his sin. You just need Rp 300 thousand to have this spiritual experience. Well don’t need a lot of money to built your religious perspective. “Is easy if you know how,” will be a perfect tag line for it 🙂

And I’m really sure this December, they will be launch the Christmas series. Put some Christmas song and bible, with red and green coloring, the provider will collect a lot of money from this holy business.

If Lauben or my other foreign friends asking, why religion became an important thing in Indonesia. I will say, because you can earn a lot of money from it. We are living in this capitalist era…welcome aboard greedy spirituality.


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  1. Thank you for the comment, you run away from the IIJ weblog and here I get you on your blog.I was interested to know how people in Indonesia identify themselves with religion; here the craze is for which political party do you belong to and may be religion will come next.Thank you for the piece and this explains what we discussed while in Hamburg that capitalists have taken a step ahead in looking for an extra coin.Keep the blog movingLauben Uganda

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