My Best Friend Wedding

Today is my best friend’s wedding; Tetty Sulastri Martina Simbolon and Yogi Pratama. Tetty and I had been trough a lot of things. There were times when we fought and didn’t talk each other for few days. But after that, we cried together and could understand each other more. We always laugh every time we meet. And of course we always share our love stories, even though we always declare that we are independent women. 😀

During our radical moment we feel like we don’t need men. Because our similarity is enough to fill our night. It is enough to talk about life, existance, philosophy, and being single until age 28 hahahaha she is the one who plan not to get married until 30. Yes at that time we just loved to be free as we wanted. Describing our single life would be like sex and the city stars. Smart, success, and single. We dreamed of celebrating new year at the apartement, somewhere in New York city, enjoying hot chocolate in front of the fire place.

And today (24/8), seeing her wearing beautiful dress with roses on her head, I’m so touched. I’m touched when see smiles and says that she is so happy. I’m touched the way we hug each other and embrace the moment.

My dear Tetty, you look beautiful today. And I’m happy for you as I was happy to remember all of our togetherness. Be happy for your ever lasting love as we are happy for our long lasting friendship. 😀

Love you Tetty


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