Try To Know Blankenese


German, June 28, 2008

Elsa-Brandstrom-House is the hostel were we doing our course, it is located in the little village called Blankenese. Petter said that Blankenese mean shining nose, but he doesn’t know how the name came from. Since the course hasn’t started yet, so me and Ika decided to walking around the neighborhood. Beside, we’ve got information from the committee that near by the house there is Elba river. So we went there this morning. I wake up around seven, and plug on my laptop wondering my ice cream maker will left his command on my first post.

So after taking shower, I went down to meet Ika at the internet center. Ika couldn’t sleep well coz she been wondering how to get cheaper flight to France. Ika got the enthusiastic from Luong, one of the participant came from Vietnam. Luong already book flight to Rome and planning to book another flight to France. She said, there are cheaper flight to France. So Ika couldn’t sleep thingking how to get that cheaper flight like Luong. Luong or Le Thu Luong is very atractive girl and she always full of smile.She work as a reporter at VietNamNet, an online newspaper.

Back to the story, after breakfast, me, Ika, and Luong went to the river. It was raining but we think we have to see the river and try to know the neighborhood. During our walking to the river, three of us amaze with the beautiful houses that they built. You can see at the picture that Ika has taken. It’s a beautiful house and not far from the river.

Or this one, you must be saying I Do for the man who own the house hehehehe..

Well that house is far from the river coz it located in the central of Blankenese. And during our walking to the central village, after seeing the river, we found a lot of beautiful houses. Were dying to have one. How you can say no to this house.

It’s a very quite neighborhood in Blankenese. There is no traffic jam all day long…plenty-plenty of tree and flower so you will feel the coolness all day long. You will go to the train station by decent buses. They will come and leave right on time. And even there is no passenger in the bus, the driver will driving to the last route. Ngga ada tuh oper2an penumpang, how you said that in English hehehehe.

And the people, as far as I can see, they all friendly. Always smiling when passing one another. And the most important, pedestrian got the privilage to conquer the street. Car and motorcycle will be waiting you to walk first and they will move the car. Beautiful city, is the simple words to describe the Blankenese. Even I haven’t visit all area, but its nice to be in this village. So honey, why don’t we stay here. Just give me a call and I’ll find the most beautiful house for us 🙂 Ika already book one, so why don’t we…hehehehehe


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  1. So jadi masih jalan-jalan yah? Kok jalan-jalan melulu. Wah kapan course-nya. Ugh, jadi ngiri. Tadi balik ke kosan bareng Imam. Ngobrol-ngobrol ngalor ngidul. Jakarta kok lain sekali yah beberapa hari ini. Aku udah lama juga gak kerja. Rasanya aneh besok masuk kerja. Besok senin terapi lagi.Jangan lupa itu dibaca buku-bukunya yang aku pinjemin.

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