First Day In German


Hamburg, June 27, 2008

Okay today is my first day in Hamburg,German. After long tired trip, finally Me and Ika arrived on rainy and cloudy Summer Academy 2008. We both breeze to the atmosphere. Coz we still don’t believe that we are in Europe and planning not only to enjoy the course but also find a way to have wonderful journey in Amsterdam, Austria, Paris or other nearest country. We’re pick up by Petter, a tallest and friendly man. During our way to Elsa-Brandstrom-Haus or Hotel, He always told a story about his friends. And in the end of his story, he’ll added, “He/she very funny person. He/she so funny.” And on that moment I know his a very nice person.

But to be honest, at first time me and Ika arrived in Schipol Airport in Amsterdam, I became more nervous. Coz I felt that my tongue had been frozen even before I put my foot on that windmill country. Every time I’m trying to using my English, my brain start to send a signal to mode on the nervous version. But I keep pushing my self to say a word, at least I have to say something to Peter or Reagan, contingent from Zimbabwe. Well my first question to Petter was, “What is that in the basket under the candel?” And his answered that is…bla..bla…i forgot exactly. Coz after I finish my sentence, my brain analyzing the sentence that i had made. Am I asking in the right way or I just say something stupid?

Petter take us to the flower shop, coz his having farewell and welcoming party. While walking beside him after taken the flower that he already ordered, I push my self again to asking some question. “So I see almost every car in here, put flag on their car. Is that because Europe Cup?” hahahaha after that question ended i recognize the mistake I had made, it’s Europe League not Europe Cup. Well Petter answer my question, ok he understand what I’m talking about hehehehehe. But suddenly I lost my confidence, I’m afraid of making another mistake.

And than I send message to my family and to my ice cream maker, as matter a fact, I take my laptop and start to chat. I have to share that I’m so fucking nervous and afraid to make another mistake. I always remember every single words from my family, dear, and friends to cheer me up and not to worry. But hell do I’m worry…

So I make some strategy, maybe its to late, I don’t care. I just need to conquer my fear…so here I am practicing my English my typing the language. Hope it’ll take me to the next level of the conversation class. Oh dear God, please help me on this…Just make my tongue chill a little bit…

And for the first postcard, I’ll give you all readers this picture. If you can see the plane outside the window than you’ll recognize how I can arrive safely in Hamburg. The picture was taken inside the plane that have same size with the one you see outside. It was taken an hour before take off…please smell the nervousness I have during the flight 🙂


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  1. It’s your first day there and I have missed you like hell. 😀 So glad to know that you’re fine and seem to enjoy the flight, since you didn’t mention anything about it in the post. How long was it? I like this post, btw. You DO have “tons” of confidence. It’s so YOU, in a way all the words were expressed freely, as if English were your first language. But still, when you god back home, please learn more about the rules of the laguange, Neng. :DAbout the treatment I just had Saturday, it was quite good. I just have to believe things will be okay, I guess. You know this well, of course; Hope is our only Hope, isn’t it?Btw, I’m still in Tangerang and I have somehow been “dis-onlined” in the past few days. I look forward to your next posts.Have fun there. Don’t orget to look smart!Hehehehe…

  2. The flight, I already told that in the very first line you read the post. It was long and tired one, imagine we have to flying in the air for about 16 hour!!! And your seat is your bed, so you feel far away from good sleep. Me and Ika try to makes some joke to vanish tired of sitting in the plane. It was cloudy in Amsterdam, so we felt the turbulence few times. And we stare each other try to said that it was scary, felt like you in Kora-Kora. But its more scary coz you up above from the ground. And to cover the fear we just laugh each other. Thanks God I’m going with Ika, coz she so friendly and were just fulfill the craziness we have :DMiss you sayang, really want to went along with you during the treatment. Btw, its forget not orget…hehehehe you made mistake.

  3. wow.. .. sang kupu kupu benar benar mengepakkan sayapnya kali ini… singgah di tempat tempat indah yang akan membuat tempat tempat yang ia singgahi menjadi perhatian orang orang. 🙂 Ku tunggu kisah kisahnya dari setiap persinggahan sang kupu kupu ini.Hati hati dengan pemangsa kupu kupu disana.. :)Hermes Brahmana

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