Kasidah Cinta


a song by Dewa

Ku Jatuh Cinta Kepadamu
Saat Pertama Bertemu
Salahkah…Aku Terlalu Mencintai…
Dirimu…Yang Tak Mungkin…
Mencintai Aku…
Oh…Tuhan Tolong…
Reff: Aku Langsung Jatuh Cinta Kepadamu
Cinta Pada Pandangan Pertama
Cinta Yang Bisa Merubah Jalan
Hidupku Jadi Lebih Berarti

Oh…Mungkin Hanya…Keajaiban Tuhan
Yang Bisa Jadikan…Hambanya Yang Cantik
Menjadi Milikku…

Aku Bukanlah Laki-laki…
Yang Mudah Jatuh Hatinya

back to Reff

It’s been a month dear…for almost 720hours i’m in love with u, miss u and of course crazy about u. Always can’t wait everytime u’ll come to pick me up at the alphamart (hahahaha) or at the office. U always pick me up with ur smile…that was nice.

Or every time we were going to meet, u’ll call with those enthusiastic sound, “Hey kamu udah di mana?” or like this “Yang, aku udah nyampe ya. And the only thing that i could define was “kejutan listrik” hahahaha. I’m so glad that i still can feel those, and now it’s taste so real.

And than will go some where to the unplaned place…sometime were arguing about how u fell offended with my “celaan” (well i’ll said…it’s a joke..it’s a joke)…or i’m so confused every time he said nice word after make fun of me…(Sayang kamu tuh lelet…dan tidak lama kemudian sms2 cinta kamu akan masuk beruntun…). But we always got the fun everytime were talking about God, Religion or other crazy stuff like life, love and of course “kayu bakar”. Well those unplanned date always started with chaotic feeling and situation but always ended with romantic words, passion, desire…“Damn i miss u already” and than he’ll ask me to hug him tight or sit more closer…And than we’ll ended with “I Love You”

Gosh…time goes by for about 720 hours but it’s feel more beautifull and than we are affraid to lose this beautifull flash thing.Let’s conquer the time with the love that we have honey. Just walk with me, holding hand…and kissing…(slurup…slurup)
I Just Love U So Much….

Please Sing that song again babe…u look sexy when u did that…heehehehehe


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  1. the last time i heard you say “slurup-slurup” was when you told me about how you and that catholic priest liked to eat pork. no wonder it sounds so…;Da month has passed. thanks for being with me for more than a month. it’s my pleasure to play that rumi song for you!!

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