Ini Baru Problematik


Semalem gua mengalami situasi problematik…i do miss my boy friend, i do love near him…but my mind just out there somewhere…Katanya, dia kaya ngomong ama robot 😦

Itu situasi problematik buat gua, di satu sisi u just want to be near him, someone that u love so much. Watching him, enjoy the fulfilment that his bring to ur soul…kissing him..touching him…argh every inch of he is just taste good. But in the other side u have a lot of thought running in ur mind…wondering how is one of ur best friend going on…Does she ok? What can i do to be there for her…

Ya…hal yang problematik memang susah untuk diakalin hanya bisa dihadapin…i don’t know….i just want to be near my boy friend and my best friend.


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  1. it’s not problematic. all you needed to do was to tell me what was going on. you can tell me, “i’m thinking of my friend. i think she’s in big trouble.” i will understand. don’t ask me to talk when you’re unable to respond any word i say. because it will upset me. i hope atun and all your friends will be okay. i hope we’re okay, too. btw, you should practice more, your english at this entry is sloppy enought to make a new language; “priskan english”. ;D i know you’re good, you just need more practice. love,the ice cream maker

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